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DIESEL and its creative director Glenn Martens proudly reveal this 1of1 masterpiece of the last Fashion Show Fall Winter 2022.D:FUR is an only-one NFT with a unique Physical and Digital Showpiece released for the owner of the NFT, a special VIP INVITATION with an all-access pass for the next in real life DIESEL FASHION SHOW.

Access to our D:VERSE Family and enjoy Virtual Experiences.


Collect the D:FUR NFT and get:

Digital Products and Virtual Experiences:

  • N° 01 NFT Digital Artwork
  • N° 01 Wearable FUR NFT for your avatar in the metaverse
  • Entry into the D:VERSE Family and access exclusive virtual DIESEL events

Physical Products and In Real Life Experiences:

  • N° 01 The ORIGINAL DENIM FUR COAT shown on the catwalk during the last Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022 (UNIQUE SHOWPIECE). Crafted Denim Fur Coat is conceived upon an artisanal concept of upcycling, merging together warp yarns and waste materials resulting from the weaving of denim.
    The texture is created with a particular embroidery technique, completely handcrafted. The assembled fabric is then washed, dyed and combed strip by strip.
    The final result is achieved by merging together all these strips, creating a unique and impressive volume.
  • VIP INVITATION for the next DIESEL Fashion Show (ALL ACCESS PASS: front row seat + backstage)

For more info please see Terms & Conditions before purchase.

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Nombre de usuario Importe de puja Fecha
p********i 6,000.00 2022-03-15 22:36:52
f********l 5,510.00 2022-03-15 12:21:09
a*******8 5,000.00 2022-03-15 12:13:04
d**********t 5,000.00 2022-03-15 12:18:41
a*******8 4,000.00 2022-03-15 12:12:15
d**********t 3,700.00 2022-03-15 12:17:08
a*******8 3,650.00 2022-03-15 12:10:52
x***i 2,515.00 2022-03-15 11:31:22
p********i 2,010.00 2022-03-14 21:52:31
x***i 1,511.00 2022-03-12 18:35:33
p********i 1,010.00 2022-03-12 18:32:13
j********u 510.00 2022-03-12 17:23:11
t**a 500.00 2022-03-12 17:00:45
Puja inicial 0.00 12/3/2022 05:00:00

Details & Features:

  • AUCTION on March 12th at 18.00 CET on RARIBLE.COM and here for 5 Days!
  • The auction closes with the best offer on March 17th at 18.00 CET
  • All Gas FEE included in the price
  • Get the NFTs via AIRDROP in your WALLET (don’t have a wallet? Check here how to open one)

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