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How to create your wallet

In order to receive your NFT we need the public address of your WALLET compatible with Ethereum and

If you don’t have a WALLET you can open one for free by following this step by step guide.


Wallets are applications that allow you to store and move your cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and NFTs

the metamask wallet

MetaMask is among the most popular free wallets for the purchase of NFT and Crypto Art. It can be installed on your desktop browser or as an app on android and ios devices.

1.Visit the official download page on here and click on DOWNLOAD NOW or download the app.

On the next page, select your browser and click on the button below

2. Click on “ADD” to install the extension on the browser of your choice. Now a new page will open in the browser, in which you will have to click “START”

3. At this point, click “Create new wallet”, choose an access password and save the CID, which is a sequence of 12 Seed Phrases, keywords to be noted at this stage.

4. to find the address of your wallet, click on the 3 dots on the right side of your account and click on “Copy address to clipboard”

* Metamask is an external application to Art Backers, please read their conditions and terms of service carefully before opening your account. Art Backers has NO responsibility for third party sites. Alternatively you can try other wallets such as Fortmatic, Coinbase, Bitski and others compatible with the and Ethereum platform. Art Backers will not be responsible for any errors resulting from incorrect communication of the wallet.

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